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“We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel, when we should be using Nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy. I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy… I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”


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Half of World’s Bird Species in Decline

Destruction of avian life intensifies Phoebe Weston writes in the September 28, 2022 Guardian, “State of the World’s Birds report warns human actions and climate crisis putting 49% in decline, with one in eight bird species under threat of extinction.” Since 1970, 2.9 billion individual birds (29% of the total)…

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VIDEO: Electric Truck Fleets of the Future

How Collaboration Can Support the Electrification of Trucks Global Clean Energy Action Forum – Pittsburgh, PASeptember 22 • 12:30pm – 1:30pm Currently, much of the discussion around EV charging globally is focused on light duty vehicles and highway charging. While these are important topics, our transition to clean, electric mobility…

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44-Ton Heavy Duty Electric Trucks

“Volvo Trucks hit another milestone Wednesday, as the heavy-duty truck maker announced its massive 44-ton electric trucks are hitting the production line. With the addition of three of its heaviest electric truck models, Volvo now has a six heavy-duty EV lineup – the largest in the industry. Volvo Trucks has sold…

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UK: Solar Energy and Fracking

Two articles point out the growing benefits from solar and the reasons why fracking talk is ‘pie in the sky.’ Positive gains on the solar front in Europe… Paweł Czyżak, a senior analyst at the energy and climate thinktank Ember writes, Solar power saved the EU €29bn this summer, ($28.6 billion…

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The ‘Aquacalypse’

“To Really Understand the Ocean, We Need to Go Back in Time” This Guest Essay by Professor John R. Waldman, Ph.D. originally appeared in The New York Times on September 20, 2022. Not that long ago the world’s oceans were viewed as too gargantuan for humans to influence. This view was…

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Water Summit: Oct. 20 & 27 by SWPA Water Network

MISSION: Protect public health and the environment, enhance community and system resilience, and deliver economic, ecological and social benefits for all people in the ten county region. By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest | September 5, 2022 The Southwestern PA Water Network invites stakeholders to join them at…

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Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’

Permitting reforms would benefit the nearly completed Mountain Valley Pipeline to move fracked gas from Manchin’s home state of West Virginia to Eastern seaboard states. VOX explains previous deal making in a September 13, 2022 story: This summer, he [Manchin] struck a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: In exchange…

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Trees, Climate Change and Surging Power Outages

Monday night’s premiere episode of “The Neighborhood” bore the title “Goodbye Grid Day” as the Johnson family goes solar, and ends up with the only electricity still on, after the grid goes down in the rest of the neighborhood. Clever show! While it wasn’t mentioned, to have that actually happen…

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ROUND 2: West Virginia Forced Pooling Law Fight

Bethany WV residents continue their fight against new forced pooling law In the September 10, 2022 blog, WEST VIRGINIA: Federal Court Throws Out ‘Forced Pooling’ Lawsuit, we saw where a lawsuit seeking to stop West Virginia’s new natural gas unitization law was ruled invalid. SB 694, passed March 9, 2022,…

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Yin & yang of climate & energy in China

A September 14, 2022 Opinion, China Is Writing the Story of the Climate Future, by David Wallace-Wells in The New York Times, points out the complexities of climate change and renewable energy in China, a country that was blanketed by heat and drought during the 2022 “Summer of Disasters.” “China…

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Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Hype

Hydrogen and carbon capture talk visits Pittsburgh during the Global Clean Energy Action Forum. The Infrastructure Act’s provision of  $8 billion in subsidies for four hydrogen hubs has set off a race among fossil fuel states to position themselves as the leaders for blue hydrogen and CCUS technologies.  “Do we fully embrace renewable energy, or…

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Off-grid Solar EV Charger

California-based solar-powered EV charger company Paired Power has just debuted a modular, off-grid electric vehicle charger that is powered by a solar canopy. Michelle Lewis writes in a September 13, 2022 story in electrek about this new offering, with deliveries expected to begin in the 2nd quarter of 2023… “PairTree comes in…

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Black Smoke Erupts from Shell Cracker Plant

Just after high noon on Sunday, right before the Steelers home opener kickoff, local residents saw black smoke belching from the elevated “candlestick” flare at the new Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex near Monaca, PA. Residents of Washington County, PA are no strangers to similar sorts of black smoke flaring events at…

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HYDRO: More Ocean Power Needed

The heat and drought affecting many global locations has cut into renewable energy produced by hydroelectric sources, increasing the demand for coal as a replacement. While we often think of solar and wind as being the leading forms of renewable energy, it’s actually hydro that holds top spot: OCEANS ARE…

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Eureka Resources Back in the News

Employee dies of “chemical and thermal burns” from a “chemical explosion” in an industrial accident OSHA is investigating. Eureka Resources has a prior investigation history with OSHA: Source: United States Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration Some will recall this August 29, 2022 story from Public Herald:…

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Microgrids Free of Utility Companies

Sunnova Energy is seeking permission from state regulators to develop microgrids for new housing developments that would not be reliant on established electric utilities. In the September 1, 2022 New York Times story, A Solar Firm Plans to Build Off-Grid Neighborhoods in California, reporter Ivan Penn writes of a new…

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Religious Freedom from a Pennsylvania Pipeline

“Catholic nuns fought pipeline on their Lancaster County land. Now, citing religious freedom, they seek damages in court.” According to a September 15, 2022 story by Susan Phillips on StateImpact Pennsylvania, The Adorers of the Blood of Christ say Transco’s Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline, completed in 2018, violates their…

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French ‘Energy Sobriety’

“The national effort calls for businesses and individuals to embrace energy conservation by increasing car-pooling, lowering thermostats and shutting off illuminated advertising signs at night — to name a few — or face the risk of rolling blackouts or energy rationing.” The New York Times story on September 5, 2022…

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PENNSYLVANIA: Penn LNG Export Terminal Proposal

Pennsylvania LNG Export Terminal in Talks to Commercialize Project An August 31, 2022 story by Jamison Cocklin of NGI shared the latest news: An East Coast LNG export terminal that would tap into vast amounts of feed gas from the Appalachian Basin is aiming to pre-file with federal regulators by…

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New British PM Liz Truss lifts 2019 fracking ban

Fracking could resume in England within six months Photo: Hydraulic fracturing (aka ‘fracking’) American-style c. 2010 in Pennsylvania Calls to resume fracking have met with ongoing resistance from campaigners who say the risk of earthquakes (see below) and water contamination, as well as extensive lorrie traffic and noise pollution, is…

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