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Home Solar Energy Update

Solar energy provided 44% of our home electricity AND car charging needs during the month of November 2021. TESLA APP SCREEN SHOTS – SOLAR PANEL PRODUCTION FROM 8.97kW SYSTEM(left) 5.67kW solar system on Front roof (right) 3.3kW solar system on Back roof Home solar energy production in November 2021 = 396.8 kWh Home electricity usage and…

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Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence – MLK

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a courageous and poignant speech on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York City. It was long before very many Americans were speaking out against the Vietnam War. I come to this magnificent house of worship tonight because my conscience leaves me no other choice. I join you…

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Snow Days

With the potential for heavy snow from winter storm ‘IZZY’ in some parts of Pennsylvania tonight, I’m reminded of the winter of 1992-1993, when we provided snow removal service for 23 residential clients. What a winter! Photo: Snow-covered Weeping Beech It’s not the depth of snow that ever worried me as much as the moisture content,…

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About Bobscaping
Growing colorful gourds on a string trellis as a child was Bob’s first inspirational success, but Bob began his 35-year landscape contracting career following graduation from the Ornamental Nursery Industry program in Penn State’s College of Agriculture, where course studies included tree culture, turfgrass maintenance, plant pathology, agronomy, entomology, and other specialized horticulture classes on main campus in State College.
“Tree hugger”
Prior to university studies, Bob spent 7 years growing tree seedlings in his own nursery, as well as learning the proper methods of hand digging evergreen shrubs and large shade trees, while working at a commercial nursery. Landscaping, gardening and environmental issues continue to be lifetime passions in retirement.
Over 20 years on the world wide web!
Through work on four web sites over the past two decades, Bob has shared his textbook knowledge and hands-on experience with trees, shrubs, lawns and garden plants in varied landscape settings. This shared information has helped homeowners improve their own home’s curb appeal, while giving them the personal satisfaction of performing do-it-yourself gardening tasks, while using proper landscaping techniques and timing.
Bobscaping provides easy to understand information on tree and shrub trimming, lawn seeding, lawn care, soil improvement, fertilizer and basic everyday landscape maintenance topics.
See for yourself
Bobscaping “How To” videos help do-it-yourself home gardeners with step-by-step instructions, while also sharing tours of premier gardens, arboretums and conservatories. Many of the videos now have closed captioning (CC). Thousands of shrub photos and tree photos will further enhance your visit here.
And as we say in the business: Green side up!