Trump Plans to Frack-Up Your America

Tonight, President Trump is holding a pep rally in Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
Since his inauguration, he and his administration have worked to destroy nearly 100 sensible environmental laws and regulations.
Those regulations were put into place by Republicans and Democrats, over past decades, to protect us and future generations of Americans.

Your air and water, the essentials for a healthy life.

Image: Frac pits near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

His extreme energy plan goes so far as to permit oil and gas drilling everywhere, even off the coast of your favorite beach. Imagine what an oil spill would do there; destroy its natural beauty, wildlife, the money and jobs from a multi-million-dollar tourism industry… and your favorite beach!

He also wants to frac all our wilderness areas, even those specially set aside to be protected from exactly that sort of damage; forest fragmentation, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, water contamination, toxic spills, and air pollution that worsens climate change.

Image source: Harvard Law School Environmental & Energy Law Program’s regulatory rollback tracker, Brookings Institution “Tracking deregulation in the Trump era”, The New York Times environmental rollback tracker, federal agency websites. Timmy Broderick, Correspondent; Mark Trumbull and Jacob Turcotte/Staff | The Christian Science Monitor – August 6, 2020

Tonight, Trump steps off his plane or helicopter into a Pennsylvania county that has witnessed the dangers of fracked shale oil and gas firsthand. Repeated fracking spills and a blowout, have threatened the public water of 150,000 people drawn from the Beaver Run Reservoir.

Multiple fracking accidents close to a public water supply for 150,000 people.

CNX cited after fracturing fluid spill at Beaver Run Reservoir
On June 13, a storm caused a containment dike around the Mamont 1 drilling pad to overflow muddy water down a hill towards the reservoir. Last July, CNX was cited after liquid cement leaked into a creek that empties into the reservoir at the Kuhns 3D well pad. Consol Energy has 36 horizontal Marcellus wells on 5 pads at Beaver Run Reservoir.

Tribune-Review | July 31, 2013

Image: “Thirty plus chemicals used in fracking fluids are known or possible human cancer causing agents, thirteen chemicals are carcinogens.”

A Salem Township gas pipeline explosion that torched homes and property, as well as injuring, and disrupting lives…

Man burned in Salem Twp. gas line explosion; homes, businesses evacuated
Federal and state authorities are investigating the cause of a natural gas pipeline explosion in Salem Township Friday morning that seriously burned a nearby resident, destroyed one home and damaged others, and prompted a half-mile evacuation zone. The explosion and fire were in a 36-inch natural gas pipeline near the intersection of routes 22 and 819.

The Tribune-Review | Friday, April 29, 2016 – 8:39 a.m.

A train wreck involving crude oil rail cars put residents and businesses near Westmoreland Mall at great risk. Just recently, his administration pushed through further hazardous rail shipments of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). For what? More exports?

3 trains derail in Hempfield; 50 railroad cars jump tracks
A westbound freight train transporting empty crude oil tank cars from Altoona to the huge rail yard in Conway, Beaver County, collided with the rear of a westbound intermodal train that carries trailers that will be hauled by big rig trucks. Two locomotives pulling the crude oil cars were knocked off the track, but remained upright. Three rail cars transporting 18 shipping containers derailed off the intermodal train, Norfolk Southern said. Some of the equipment that derailed struck part of an eastbound train traveling on the adjacent mainline track, causing the derailment of eight rail cars transporting 32 containers on the eastbound train.

Paul Peirce | Tribune-Review | November 8, 2019

“Socialize the costs and privatize the profits.”

Image: LPG railcars run the risk of a catastrophic BLEVE

Trump will roll back more environmental regulations if re-elected, says EPA chief
President Trump will continue to weaken environmental regulations on industries if re-elected for a second term in November, the EPA’s Andrew Wheeler told The Wall Street Journal. After three years in office, the Trump administration is reversing more than 100 major climate and environmental rules that it’s deemed burdensome to the fossil fuel industry, even as climate change accelerates. Analysts say many of the administration’s rollbacks could increase emissions and lead to thousands of additional deaths from bad air quality.

Emma Newburger | CNBC | September 3, 2020

Trump leads us back down the dirty path of a fossil fuel past.

Western Pennsylvania has been there, done that, while it’s still trying to clean-up past environmental destruction from fossil fuels. We can’t afford to go backwards. For ourselves, our parents, our children and future generations. We need to look to a promising future, not a dirty past.

Image: Marcellus Shale brings radioactive Ra226 to the surface along with contamination that lasts 1600 years!

We can’t afford another 4 years of Donald Trump!

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