Remembering Flight 93

Why these brave passengers had time to act on September 11, 2001

Flight 93 was 41 minutes late leaving Newark Airport for its planned flight to San Francisco. This delay allowed time for the passengers on Flight 93 to learn of the other three hijackings via their cell phones, and realize their planned fate; being a passenger on a jumbo jet that would be flown into the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC, or perhaps even the White House.
As the Boeing 757 neared Cleveland, Ohio at 9:28 am, it abruptly changed course and turned southeast. Just before 10:00 am the plane was seen flying very low and erratically in the Pittsburgh area. While traveling at an estimated 500 mph, the 757 crashed at 10:03 am into a reclaimed strip mine area in Somerset County, killing all 33 passengers, 7 crew and 4 hijackers.

Video of the 15th Anniversary events at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pa.

More about the Heroes of Flight 93

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