New Horizons with Electric Vehicles

Elon Musk set the stage for next week’s NATIONAL DRIVE ELECTRIC WEEK at Tesla’s ‘BATTERY DAY’

FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT! Tuesday evening, Tesla unveiled the ‘MODEL S PLAID‘ with 520+ mile range, 200 mph top speed, and 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds. With $1,000 down, Tesla is now taking orders for the vehicle, starting at $139,990 before options, with deliveries in late-2021. My choice would be the $145,990 Deep Blue Metallic model shown above with the optional 21″ Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels. You can order yours here:

YouTube video of the full event…

Link: Video of 2020 Battery Day event

Having watched the entire event LIVE, I found several things very interesting.
  • With 100% of EV batteries already being recycled, someday recycling will yield the metals necessary for Tesla to build all their new batteries for vehicles.
  • Lithium is a globally abundant element that Tesla soon plans to extract from 10,000 acres of soil in Nevada, using a new process that’s environmentally friendly.
  • Tesla has engineered new solutions for vehicles, including their own aluminum alloy and method of making longer range batteries an integral part of vehicles, making them both safer and lighter weight.
  • The heat pump Tesla developed for vehicles could someday be used in home HVAC systems.
  • Sustainable energy solutions will cost less than today’s fossil fuels due to greater efficiencies.
  • A $25,000 Tesla sedan competitive with regular cars, plus cheaper long term maintenance costs.
The Pennsylvania DEP is hosting several webinar events for the upcoming National Drive Electric Week…

AMPED: The Benefits and Basics of Driving Electric Vehicles
Webinar series for Pennsylvania local governments, businesses, and residents
National Drive Electric Week, September 26 – October 4, 2020
“The number of electric cars registered in Pennsylvania increased 50 percent in 2018. Although electric vehicles are still a small fraction of registered vehicles, the trend is clear: More Pennsylvanians want to drive electric vehicles for work and personal use.” More: PA DEP webpage

We’re excited to be early entrants into the solar, home back-up battery, and EV markets! Even during recent months of heavy central air conditioning use combined with home vehicle charging, our last two electric bills were $7.20 each, while still having energy credits ‘banked’ through net metering!