Kelly Wants To Steal My Vote!

“They’re asking a court to throw out the votes of 2.5 million Pennsylvanians”
Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro (photo)

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro
UPDATE: November 25, 2020 10:56 p.m. – PA Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa statement on the Senate Republican Policy Hearing featuring Rudy Giuliani and President Trump – “If Senate Republicans want to entertain conspiracy theories from Rudy Giuliani and rally with defeated presidential candidate Donald Trump, they should do so on their own time and dime – not the taxpayers’,” said Senate Democratic Leader Costa. “By their own admission, they are coordinating with Trump’s campaign to steal this election away from the voters who decisively chose Joe Biden. “Our process was secure and our count is accurate: a count that was certified this week, making today’s hearing even more inappropriate,” Senator Costa continued. “It is a bold display of hypocrisy, the Senator who is hosting today’s hearing in Gettysburg himself was on the ballot in November. If he has concerns about the legitimacy of our process, I would hope that he would rescind his own claims of victory. “For this democracy to survive, we must have a peaceful transition of power after a fair election. We’ve had a fair election and now it’s time for the transition. Thankfully, it is only a small group of leaders that refuse to accept the results of our election: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the Pennsylvania Senate Republicans. “Joe Biden will be sworn in as our next president despite today’s circus in Gettysburg, but it is a shameful use of taxpayer resources and an insult to centuries of democracy in this country.”
November 22, 2020 blog with more updates below:
The 10 o’clock news carried the story last night.
Even with all the flim-flam we’ve seen around the legitimate 2020 election results, this one really hit home!
How low can they go? Apparently, there’s no bottom for this new Republican party.
My wife and I followed all the proper protocols and mailed our Pennsylvania ballots in early, and now this pitiful, sad sack Republican – US Representative Mike Kelly from Butler, Pennsylvania – wants to steal our votes!

Suit challenges expansion of mail-in voting in Pennsylvania
Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly is leading a suit filed Saturday in Pennsylvania challenging the use of mail-in ballots predominately cast by Democrats in lifting Joe Biden to victory in the presidential race in the state and seeking to block certification of the election results.
The lawsuit was filed in the state Commonwealth Court, just two days before the deadline for counties to certify the results of the presidential election in Pennsylvania, and marks the latest attempt in court by Republicans, including President Donald Trump, to overturn Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania.
Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a Twitter posting that the elected officials and candidates who joined the suit “should be ashamed of themselves.”
“They’re asking a court to throw out the votes of 2.5 million Pennsylvanians,” said Shapiro, a Democrat. “It’s another weak attempt to subvert the will of the people. Desperate, hypocritical, baseless… I could go on.”

Associated Press – Saturday November 21, 2020 7:06 p.m.
Guess who’s in love with Rep. Kelly? Yep…

The popular website Breitbart calls Mike “a fierce defender of conservatism on Capitol Hill.” 
Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto calls him “a key player” and “a mover and shaker” in the U.S. House of Representatives.
When he delivered the weekly Republican address to the nation right before Christmas 2014 (in which he offered President Obama a lump of coal for Christmas), it quickly became the most watched GOP weekly address of all time.

Source: Mike Kelly’s Biography
That part about the lump of coal is pretty comical, since his Butler County district is overrun with the same Marcellus Shale natural gas industry that played a lead role in putting coal ‘out of business.’ At least it spun well on YouTube, Ha!
Below is the Bluestone Gas Plant in Kelly’s district:
Apparently, Mike knows the feeling of something being stolen from him. It was back when General Motors went bankrupt. His Bio puts it this way…

Under the government restructuring, he could sell Chevrolets but not Cadillacs.
“Wait, wait, wait!” Kelly said he told a GM representative. “This is America. You can’t come in and take my business away from me. . . . Every penny we have is wrapped up in here. I’ve got 110 people that rely on me every two weeks to be paid. . . . And you call me up and in five minutes try to wipe out 56 years of a business?

Source: Mike Kelly’s Biography
Hey Mike, like you say, “This is America” and you can’t come in and steal my vote away!
You file this bullshit lawsuit and try to wipe out over 200 years of Democracy that my family fought, sacrificed and died for, right here in Pennsylvania!
I just tried your phone number in DC (202) 225-5406 and got a recorded message, “ full and cannot accept new messages at this time, please try again later.”
His Butler office phone is taking voice mail where I left him a message calling his actions “pitiful and despicable.” Let him know what you think at (724) 282-2557
I’ll be calling again tomorrow, you can count on that!
More on Rep. Mike Kelly:

Pennsylvania Rep. Appears to Mock Joe Biden’s Stutter During Trump Campaign Call
“On a Trump campaign call focused on Biden’s fracking position, Representative Mike Kelly appears to mimic a stutter while reciting Biden’s statements,” Catanese tweeted. “‘W-w-w-we’ll work it out.'” “He continued with some cracks about giving Biden tapioca so maybe it was a shot at his age rather than his stutter, but that’s the charitable read here,” wrote Joseph.

‘I’m a Person of Color. I’m White’: GOP Congressman Says He’s Not Offended by Racist Trump Tweets
A white Republican congressman said Tuesday that he isn’t offended by President Donald Trump’s racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color because he’s “a person of color.” “You know, they talk about people of color. I’m a person of color. I’m white. I’m an Anglo Saxon. People say things all the time, but I don’t get offended,” Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania told Vice News. The resolution to condemn racist language from the President passed the House by a vote of 240 -187, with four Republicans and one Independent voting for it. Kelly was among the GOP members who opposed the measure.

GOP congressman offers strange Obama conspiracy theory — and even stranger explanations
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) took the White House’s “deep state” conspiracy theory and added some mustard to it in a newly uncovered speech last week. Kelly said that not only is there a widespread government effort to undermine President Trump, but that it’s being led by none other than former president Barack Obama — who is running a “shadow government.” But while the conspiracy theory is strange enough, the explanations offered by Kelly’s office are something to behold.

Rep. Mike Kelly explains why he took hydroxychloroquine while battling coronavirus
U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) is opening up more Wednesday about using hydroxychloroquine during his battle with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Hydroxychloroquine is the anti-malarial drug not yet approved to treat the COVID-19, but has been considered by President Donald Trump to be an effective treatment despite some studies revealing potential health risks. Last week, Trump said he had been taking the drug for weeks to prevent contracting the novel virus.

A Pa. congressman got up to $1 million in coronavirus PPP loans for his car dealerships
A centerpiece of the federal government’s efforts to protect small businesses and their employees amid the economic wreckage of the coronavirus pandemic, the program has been criticized for making it easier for big businesses to get fast cash than for smaller mom-and-pops. Members of Congress were not prohibited from receiving the federal aid, but some have drawn scrutiny for benefiting from a law they passed.

Rep. Mike Kelly among lawmakers, businesses suing Gov. Tom Wolf over stay-at-home order
One of Kelly’s potential challengers this November for Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District suggests the move is personally motivated. “The fact that politicians like Mike Kelly are more concerned with their stocks than whether or not people are safe speaks to the reason I decided to run in the first place,” said Democratic candidate Kristy Gnibus, a teacher from Millcreek Township.

GOP Congressman Mike Kelly Compares Impeachment to Attack on Pearl Harbor
“Today, December 18, 2019 is another date that will live in infamy,” Kelly said. “Just because you hate the president of the United States, and you can find no other reason other than the fact that you are so blinded by your hate that you can’t see straight that you’ve decided that the only way that we can make sure this president doesn’t get elected again is to impeach him.”

Mike Kelly, Jr.’s Political Summary

Mike Kelly voted YEA (Passage) on this legislation to pass a House resolution that expresses commitment to the orderly and peaceful transfer of power called for in the United States Constitution and the intent that there be no disruptions by the president or any other person in power to overturn the will of the people.
Mike Kelly voted NAY on this legislation to pass a bill that requires the Department of Energy (DOE) to award grants to rural electric cooperatives to assist with identifying, evaluating, designing, and demonstrating energy storage and microgrid projects that utilize energy from renewable energy sources, among other provisions.
Mike Kelly voted NAY on a bill that prohibits workplace discrimination against pregnant individuals.
Mike Kelly voted NAY on a bill that authorizes individuals to file legal complaints against policies that disproportionately impact students of color.
Mike Kelly voted NAY on a bill that requires the Department of Education to award grants to specified educational agencies to develop or implement plans to improve diversity and reduce racial or socioeconomic isolation in publicly funded early education programs, public elementary schools, and public secondary schools.
Mike Kelly voted NAY on a bill that requires increased accountability for law enforcement misconduct, increases transparency and data collection, and prohibits discriminatory policing practices.
Mike Kelly voted NAY on a bill that establishes a response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses by providing emergency supplemental funding to state and federal agencies, direct payments to individuals, and the expansion of paid sick, family, and medical leave.

Mike Kelly Positions:

Mike Kelly was rated 3% by Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Mike Kelly was rated 11% by Clean Water Action
Mike Kelly was rated 5% by Americans for Democratic Action
Mike Kelly was rated 0% by Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
Mike Kelly was rated 13% by the NAACP
Mike Kelly was rated 36% by National Parks Conservation Association
Mike Kelly was rated 12% by Animal Welfare Institute
Mike Kelly was rated 100% by the Plastics Industry Association
Mike Kelly was rated 15% by the ACLU
Mike Kelly was rated 100% by the NRA

Current lawsuit on Pennsylvania mail-in ballots:

Kelly, Parnell, Frank, Kierzek, Magee, Sauter, Kincaid and Logan v. Wolf, Boockvar, PA General Asssembly and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Courts PDFs of lawsuits

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UPDATE: After riots, US Rep. Mike Kelly kept pressing election challenge despite GOP admonitions
January 6, 2021 – Even after riots and GOP-controlled Senate’s rejection of his objection, Kelly asked House colleagues to overturn Pa. presidential election results.

UPDATE: Pa. Democratic caucus to hold hearings on Republican actions leading up to U.S. Capitol siege
January 13, 2021 – As their national counterparts debated whether to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time, Pennsylvania House leaders on Wednesday said they expect to hold Republican members of the state Legislature accountable for contributing — through words and actions — to last weeks unrest at the U.S. Capitol. Beyond just words, the lawmakers said their Republican colleagues should be held accountable for actively suppressing the vote of Pennsylvanians.