Confederate Republicans Defeated at Gettysburg

Hapless band of confederate Republicans lose again

The day before Thanksgiving, Col. Mastriano (R-PA-33) and his band of confederates rode into the Gettysburg Wyndham, on the coattails of Abe Lincoln, Trumpery and weak allegations, all before a lame duck dinner at the White House the same evening. Government at its worst!

Maskless reinforcements from Trump’s “Bonespur Army of the Potomac” never arrived as predicted at the Gettysburg hearing, but the Commander-in-Chief telegraphed his unyielding support for himself, during his rambling Gettysburg Redress, as tattered flags unfurled from 4×4’s driving off cliffs.

Pennsylvania Republican senators formed their battle line in a frontal assault on Democracy, behind inspirational words from the Colonel — borrowed from Lincoln 157 years earlier — about a “new birth of freedom” and promises of “no grandstanding” in the midst of his shameless grandstanding to voters and media.

Lincoln’s Address at the Dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, November 19, 1863.
Giuliani’s address at the Republican hearing in Gettysburg, November 25, 2020

It was a glorious and inspiring moment for the gathered band of true believers! Waves of cheers and applause rose to the replay of famous words, as this maskless crowd rallied on hallowed ground, reassured by a shower of gleeful smiles from the Colonel, who sat perched, front and center.

Surely he thought his confederate band would find glory on the Gettysburg battlefield that day, in spite of the wet powder carried into battle by Giuliani and Ellis. Even though their legal campaign has been festooned with repeated defeats, the invocation of the Civil War in 1863, on the blood-soaked ground of four score and seven thousand dead men, would surely turn the tide in this war against the union.

The tide did turn – against these confederate Republicans – on the third day of battle, when cavalry from the Third Circuit rode in to seize the day, and take from them, with prejudice, the victory. Without specific allegations and proof, the confederates were easily vanquished and the union stood.

Their poorly stitched together “Frankenstein Monster Campaign” in Pennsylvania fell to 81,000 victorious votes, in glorious concert with over 6 million votes nationwide. Their next dinner at the White House: Crow with Humble Pie for dessert.

The people (and the courts) have spoken!

UPDATE: Pa. Democratic caucus to hold hearings on Republican actions leading up to U.S. Capitol siege
January 13, 2021 – As their national counterparts debated whether to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time, Pennsylvania House leaders on Wednesday said they expect to hold Republican members of the state Legislature accountable for contributing — through words and actions — to last weeks unrest at the U.S. Capitol. Beyond just words, the lawmakers said their Republican colleagues should be held accountable for actively suppressing the vote of Pennsylvanians. 

UPDATE: Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano, Who Was At U.S. Capitol During Attack, Urged To Resign
January 9, 2021 – HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A Republican state senator who was on the scene when a violent mob of fellow Donald Trump supporters commandeered the U.S. Capitol should resign, the top Democrat in the Pennsylvania Senate said Thursday. Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Allegheny, said Sen. Doug Mastriano’s words and actions since November encouraged a coup attempt and inspired the people behind it. At least eight other Senate Democrats have said Mastriano should step down.

UPDATE: Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf calls for state senator ‘to be held accountable’ for participating in Trump rally
January 8, 2021 – Gov. Tom Wolf stopped short on Friday of calling for Franklin County Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano’s resignation for his participation at a protest rally to support President Donald Trump that led to Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol .

UPDATE: Ohio Democratic Senator Calls on Cruz, Hawley to Resign as Capitol Riot Backlash Grows
January 10, 2021 – Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio joined the growing chorus of Democrats calling for Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley’s resignation following the Capitol riots.

UPDATE: Senator: Cruz, Hawley have ‘blood on their conscience’
January 10, 2021 – Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin tells CNN’s Jake Tapper that he doesn’t know how Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley “can live with themselves” after promoting false information about the election.

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