Elon Musk to Start Fracking?

When did you ever think you would see “Elon Musk” and “fracking” in the same sentence?

Well now you have! It caught me by surprise too, even though Elon is known for his lightning quick surprises, ‘coming out of the blue.’

Well go figure, but this is more about ‘going into the blue’ and it does take massive amounts of some sort of fossil fuel to propel huge rockets into space.

While his current SpaceX rockets are using more traditional fuel — sort of like kerosene you burn in your space heater — his next generation Starship will use super-chilled methane, or something closer to resembling the propane tank on your outdoor grill in winter.

Either way, it takes age old fossil fuels for these futuristic ventures. And while you can power spacecraft in orbit with the solar energy Elon is more associated with, at some point you need that more concentrated energy from fossil fuels, or perhaps even nuclear energy, like that used in submarine fleets.

The ‘Elon fracking news’ was even stranger than reading, just days earlier, that he’s buying two offshore oil rigs, not for drilling, but for conversion into launch pads for space missions. The whole enchilada is taking shape!

Let’s try to get this straight…

To be self-sufficient by providing his own super-chilled methane for SpaceX launches to Mars, Elon’s going to become a fracker. And since he recently moved to Texas, that would make him the wealthiest Texas oil gas man… ever. Shazam! Where’s your 10-gallon hat Elon?

One might think he would just source that liquified natural gas (LNG) from the marketplace to save himself building a gas processing plant, but let’s not get ahead of himself. You never know if this is his full plan, after all.

Dreaming BIG is one thing, but as we’ve seen with oil and gas leases, or what some call mineral rights, there can be ‘flies in the ointment’ as to who owns what. This has landed the case in Texas court, with the hearing set for next month.

Apparently, the case revolves around some acreage that contains two wells that were described in one story as “dry holes” or “abandoned wells,” neither being a good sign for a veteran Texas oilman, let alone a rookie fracker.

“We do have significant danger with fracking technology which is I think really still at an early stage, because I think fracking probably increases the accessible oil and gas in the world by perhaps a factor of 10. We wouldn’t really know the full extent of it is but it’s probably something like an order of magnitude, which means the potential harm to the climate is really much, much greater than it was before, and we can’t rely on scarcity to drive the price of oil and gas high, and have that be an adequate forcing function to move electric, so we have to figure out how to make electric cars that themselves compelling, without that economic forcing function of high gas prices.” ELON MUSK

Tesla’s Elon Musk warns of fracking dangers (1:11 video)
January 14, 2015 – Automotive News World Congress. The 39th annual gathering of leading automotive industry executives in Detroit. Automotive News is the leading source of auto industry news, information and understanding in North America.

We shouldn’t make any assumptions, for fear of that old saying coming true about “assume” – and ‘making an ass out of you and me.’ There could be far more involved than just using frozen dinosaur farts to power the first rocket to Mars. After all, he has offered $100 million to whoever invents the best carbon capture technology.

Use your imagination, Elon is definitely using his!



NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope photographed Mars on July 18, near its closest approach to Earth since 2003. The planet was observed near opposition, when the Sun, Earth and Mars are lined up, with Earth sitting in between the Sun and Mars. This proximity gives the Red Planet its brightest appearance in the night sky since the 2003 opposition. Source

Rig drilling laterals through Marcellus shale in southwestern Pennsylvania at night, in preparation for hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking.’ More

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