No risk it no biscuit

Coach Bruce Arians takes his quote to Super Bowl LV

I became a Pittsburgh Steelers fan at just the right moment in time, 1972. The 70’s brought a storied period of NFL football in Pittsburgh along, when the Steelers won 4 Super Bowls over a short 6 year span (IX, X, XIII, XIV).

Fans began talking about winning another Super Bowl ring, and 26 years later, the Steelers won their much ballyhooed “One for the Thumb” in Super Bowl XL. They brought home their 6th Lombardi trophy just 3 years later, in Super Bowl XLIII, but slipped on their “Stairway to Seven.”

Bruce Arians was a Steelers assistant coach during the two most recent Super Bowl wins, first as Wide Receivers coach and later as Offensive Coordinator. His aggressive “No risk it no biscuit” style didn’t always play well with fans, who often thrive on seeing great defense, or 4 yards in a cloud of dust.

“I got booed in the Super Bowl parade. I look over and I hear ‘get a fullback,’ and I said never.” In Arians’ offense the quarterback was often exposed: Ben Roethlisberger took a high number of sacks every year.

Source: “Bruce Arians: A Football Life” video

Since I was raised hearing of a storied family college football tradition, dating back to my grandfather and the 1921 Tournament of Roses, I’m often as interested in football management and coaches, as the players. W&J College broke ground in many areas during that period, over 100 years ago, with their winning football attitude and tradition.

According to Bruce Arians’ Wikipedia page, he’s coached for 45 years with 14 different college and pro football teams! His years coaching with Alabama legend Bear Bryant were especially meaningful to Arians, literally illustrated by the large portrait of Bryant that hung on the wall behind his desk in many NFL offices.

“He’s a special guy.”

Even though he’s known as a “quarterback whisperer” and has ex-Pat Tom Brady in his arsenal for Super Bowl LV, Coach Arians (.619 head coaching record 80-49-1) will have his 60 minutes of work cut out for him, facing off against another one of my favorite head coaches, Andy Reid, (.623 head coaching record 238-144-1) and the reigning Super Bowl Champs, the Kansas City Chiefs.

We’ll see which coach brings home his 3rd Super Bowl ring. Should be an exciting game on Sunday February 7, 2021 starting at 6:30pm EST, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing in their home stadium.

Super Bowl 43 Ring - XLIII World Champions
“Eight great years in Pittsburgh, four great years in Indianapolis, three great years in Kansas City, six great years in Tampa, whether they led to a better job or getting fired, the relationships that you build, that’s more important than accolades that you get.”


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