Spring Maintenance

Happy 1st day of Spring 2022

These yellow daffodils say hello to Spring!
Winter seemed especially long and dark, so who isn’t eagerly awaiting the first blossoms of Spring? Longer days of sunlight, warming temperatures, and yes, some garden chores to get you out and about.
If you left your ornamental grasses alone over the winter months, to brown and scatter about the yard, now is the time to cut them back. I’d like to share this video demonstrating that, while using gas-powered hedge trimmers to make my task much easier:
If you are using manual hedge shears to accomplish this task, you will also find this second video of great use. The key is to use sharp hand shears, and take small quick “bites” when cutting the ornamental grasses, since they can be very tough, like wire, to cut.
If your electric or gas powered shears have gotten dull, and need sharpened, here’s a ‘How to’ video on that workbench project:
I usually look around the yard for any shrubs that need a light touch-up trim. Remember not to trim any shrubs (like Azaleas) that may have flower buds formed, for Spring blossoms. More on Azalea care.
Happy Spring!