Sharpest Tool in the Shed

Digging is hard enough, so why make it even harder with a dull shovel?

With the arrival of Spring and a sunny day, I noticed some ‘weekend warriors’ out working in their yards yesterday. Since digging was a big part of my professional life, it got me thinking about garden tools.

Are your digging tools dull, making your gardening life even harder?

Here’s a video I’ll share on how to sharpen your shovel and garden spade:
Where you dig
The second piece of advice I would offer on digging, is to always know where underground utilities are located. If you call ‘811’ (Call Before You Dig) a couple weeks in advance, they will mark the underground utility lines you need to avoid. As far as shallow privately-owned wires like electric dog fences and lamppost wires, an element of caution and luck will be involved in avoiding those!
Happy digging!