Flower Power

This solar energy “flower” fascinated me the first time I saw it! It gives true meaning to the term “flower power!”

The first time we saw it was on the way into a Christmas concert at Trinity High School in Washington, Pennsylvania. The solar flower had already closed its ‘petals’ (12 solar panels) that evening, as nightfall approached. Driving past there on a sunny day recently, I was able to capture these photos of the device “in full bloom.”
Turns out it’s manufactured by “SmartFlower Solar” headquartered in Boston @smartflower_sol and there are both commercial and residential installations available. SmartFlower was inspired by the heliotropic properties of sunflowers, since they also move in response to the direction of the sun.
Unlike stationary solar panels, these track the sun on a dual-axis, to maintain an ideal exposure angle, making up to 40% more energy. The ‘flower’ closes in the event of high winds, and it even has a self-cleaning feature!
The SmartFlower is rated at 2.5kW with an estimated annual output of about 4,000 to 6,200kWh, and a 25 year module performance warranty. You can see it in action on YouTube in this ‘Tech Insider’ 3 minute, 40 second video:
What will they think of next?
Can’t wait to see! Bob