The Mighty Oak

Memorable trees for generations of wildlife and people

White Oak
WHITE OAK – Quercus alba
Easy to identify due to its finger-like lobed leaves and stately growth. Of particular note is the 400-year-old Wye Oak in Maryland which boasts a trunk diameter of 8 feet and a branch spread of 165 feet.
Source: Photos of Bob’s Top 10 Majestic Trees
A story in The New York Times yesterday – WHY YOU SHOULD PLANT OAKS – got me thinking about these magnificent giants. We’re lucky to have several varieties of Quercus growing in Pennsylvania.
While the huge trunks and branches of old White Oaks, like the one seen in the photo above, are probably the most memorable, it’s the fastest growing Pin Oak, seen below, that’s most commonly planted in Pennsylvania landscapes.
Pin Oak
Red Oak is another one of my favorites, we planted the one seen below decades ago:
Red Oak
The words “stately” and “mighty” come to mind when thinking of Oaks, maybe there’s room for one on your property. Give it room to grow — for future generations — of wildlife and people.