Backwards Pennsylvania

Backward thinking state senators in Pennsylvania are NOT thinking about a cleaner future for Pennsylvanians… you, your kids, your grandkids.

State senators like Gene Yaw(n) are working hard, to keep those of us who live in the Commonwealth, stuck in a ‘fossil-fool past.’ Yaw ignores all the environmental destruction wrought by fracking since 2004, with its radioactive legacy, and violations too numerous to list here.
Yaw also ignores the ongoing air pollution issues that we face in western Pennsylvania, which will only worsen with further drilling and fracking, not to mention what his anti-renewables agenda does to increase greenhouse gas and exacerbate climate change.
This story from yesterday’s Pa. Environmental Digest outlines his latest plan to ‘kneecap’ renewable energy in Pennsylvania.
Unfortunately for us, Yaw and both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature, are controlled by the fossil fool friendly GOP, who are stuck in the past. Change begins on election day, when citizens of the Commonwealth have another chance to vote out dinosaurs like Yaw, along with their brand of stone age thinking.
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