Frozen Fragrances

A couple weeks ago, the weatherman was talking optimistically about this week being our average last annual Spring frost (April 23rd), but now he’s forecast up to an inch of snow this morning, with a hard freeze tonight.

The snow has already begun to fall.

Some Saucer Magnolias bloomed earlier than ours, and got blasted by a hard freeze 3 weeks ago. Now that ours has finally reached full bloom, the weather forecast looks bad, not just for it, but also a red Flowering Crabapple nearing full bloom in the backyard, and these cuttings from a Zumi Crabapple in full bloom out front.

When I snapped these photos of our intoxicatingly sweet smelling Magnolia yesterday, I was also enjoying the mixed fragrance that our Korean Spicebush (Viburnum carlesii) adds to this annual Spring treat for the nose!

The combined fragrance of that Magnolia and Viburnum is one of Spring’s special treats, so I took in all that I could yesterday.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet