World Class

Sometimes the best is close to home!

If I’ve driven past McMurray Nursery once, I’ve driven past there 10,000 times. It’s completely evolved over those 40 years, most recently under the loving care of its third owner, Paul Hauber.

Due to extensive work on the nursery’s road frontage over the past year, and the addition of some signage about customer parking in the rear, I made an unplanned stop on my way past there Monday. What a pleasant surprise, in fact, it’s the nicest nursery I’ve ever visited!

Other than an extensive selection of mature world class plant material, I took note of the less obvious details, things like the well maintained gravel pathways, extensive drip-irrigation system, mulched and manicured lawn areas, and the overall look of a well maintained landscape. It was nice to leave a nursery without having my shoes caked in mud, for a change!

A mature Ginkgo tree, seen in the photo above, really caught my eye. I’ve visited scores of nurseries, greenhouses, display gardens, arboretums and conservatories across Pennsylvania, other places in the US, and even The Butchart Gardens in Vancouver BC, through my 50 years’ infatuation with plants, while recording videos of some. And here was this gem, less than a mile from home!