Moving Day

With our local weather lady forecasting July- like weather for this coming week around Pittsburgh, it’s time to move my office mates onto the front porch.

Before we had all the crazy twists and turns of climate change, I always figured May 20th was our last average Spring frost date. Being within 3 days of that, and double- checking the 10 day weather forecast, it looks like today is the day to move four large houseplants, outside, onto the front porch, for the summer months.

That also means getting the hose out for watering, and turning the hose bibb back on, now that freezing temperatures are past. The front porch is covered by an awning, so it helps protect against any sort of surprise frost, as we have often had during the last week of May. It also minimizes their acclimatization factor, from being moved outdoors. Last year, we actually had frost in our valley on June 1st, so there is good logic to waiting until after Memorial Day, to plant tender annuals in the vegetable garden, or flowers for the cemetery.

Next week, it will be time for us to shop for annual flowers, loading up on all our favorites to fill 50 flower pots for the deck.

More hoses will be brought out of winter storage, along with a picnic table, chairs and remaining deck furniture. I should power wash the deck today, and reseal at least the floor of the deck, later this week, to extend the life of that so called “lifetime” five- quarter wolmanized flooring. Sealing improves the appearance too!

I should have asked the lumber yard, back when I bought that lifetime lumber, “Who’s lifetime?” But overall, it has held up pretty well during its 30- plus year lifetime. I probably should have begun sealing that “lifetime” lumber sooner, especially the horizontal surfaces like the floor, where water and snow lies longer, but with all those “don’t worry, be happy” promises of long life, it may have lulled me to sleep.

The other option, would be to replace that flooring in the next year or two. Composite deck flooring has been the trend ever since this old floor was laid, but who knows what sort of price surges it has experienced, as the cost of most home remodeling materials have surged, while the price of lumber has tripled. Since it’s a large deck, any floor renovation project would be major, and to do it right, the old five- quarter flooring, that was triple- nailed to the floor joists with spiral nails, would need to be removed first, in order to do it right.

Ideally, that project would be done before or after the summer deck flower months of June through September, so that would make October the next earliest opportunity. As with landscaping investments, that add curb appeal and perk up home prices, a home remodeling project like that would surely yield added value, in the event of a future home sale, while providing additional enjoyment, and defense against splinters!