Uncommon Beauty

Common shrubs often exhibit uncommon beauty, and Bridal Wreath Spirea is one of those shrubs.

The moment to capture a good photo is often very fleeting, whether that timeframe is measured in minutes, days or weeks. With a sky shot, it can be minutes, since the sky changes so quickly, while with shrubs, it’s typically measured in days or weeks.

After all, most of the Spring color on trees and shrubs in Pennsylvania, only lasts a week or two. While that period of bright color is often considered by many to be too brief, It does add to the annual anticipation and enjoyment. As in, Spring has Sprung!

I often forget about this common shrub, the Bridal Wreath Spirea, until the bright white flowers of one, or a hedge row of them, catch my eye. Yesterday was one such moment, as I drove past a hedge full of them the first time, looking but not stopping, and the second time, stopping to capture these photos.

The Bridal Wreath Spirea even has a second Act to its beauty, when the foliage develops an attractive red- orange- yellow in Fall. On the plus and minus side, they are deer resistant, but aphids love them. There is also a smaller dwarf variety available for smaller gardens and landscapes.