Recuse Yourself Judge!

There’s no way a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge should be ruling on a court case, involving gas drilling and municipal zoning, when he was a cheerleader for Act 13, drilling and fracking, and the Shell cracker plant, for over a decade!

Last I heard, Judge Crompton, of the Commonwealth Court, had not recused himself from the Murrysville case, as described in my blog May 11th blog, “The 4 Minute Gap.” Yesterday, attorney John M. Smith filed a 79 page “APPELLANT’S APPLICATION FOR RELIEF FOR RECUSAL AND DISQUALIFICATION OF THE HONORABLE J. ANDREW CROMPTON PURSUANT TO Pa. R.A.P. 123” which you can download here:

Even though the application for relief, filed by attorney John M. Smith of the Smith Butz law firm in Canonsburg, on behalf of the Murrysville Watch Committee, includes overwhelming evidence for recusal, I thought these additional tweets from ‘at Drew Crompton,’ five years ago, concerning the construction of the highly controversial Shell Cracker Plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania, were also real eye openers, clearly showing his allegiance to the oil and gas industry, as well as ongoing drilling and fracking, in Pennsylvania.

On 7 June 2016 he tweets, “Exciting news. The cracker plant is coming to PA. An excellent legacy for the Corbett administration and the General Assembly. Hashtag shell. Hashtag jobs.”

For those who are unaware, that Shell deal that he was raving about, was a HUGE tax giveaway of $1.65 Billion. What I personally consider the ‘greatest’ legacy it will bring, will be the ill- health to local residents, up to 10 miles away, from the massive amounts of air pollution, in a region that’s already suffering from bad air.

The real icing on the cake, so to speak, was his follow-up tweet on 8 June 2016 that included a photo of a button- down collared dress shirt, with an embroidered SHELL logo over the pocket, that proclaimed, “In case you didn’t see my Shell shirt. Wore it 4 yrs ago for the tax credit. Wearing it again today for the Cracker!”

A very knowledgeable lady, Wilma Subra, from the ‘Cancer Alley’ region of the U.S. Gulf Coast, spoke at the 2015 Shale and Public Health Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She shared some alarming information about the adverse health effects, that will likely be created by this huge cracker plant, one that makes plastic nurdles from drilled and fracked Marcellus and Utica shale ethane, extracted from our tri-state region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Here’s a link to the video of her presentation:

In a 28 November 2013 tweet, he took a swipe at New York state, since they had banned unconventional gas drilling and fracking, after carefully considering peer-reviewed health studies, climate change, and other data, with this tweet, “Don’t fret New York residents, PA will keep supplying you cleaner and cheaper natural gas. Don’t lift your moratorium.”

Sure doesn’t look “clean” to me! Public Herald has published a series of articles on the radioactive waste stream created by shale drilling and fracking, highlighting the way it’s reaching our streams and rivers. That’s right, YOUR drinking water!

Closer to Christmas in 2013, he appears to prod (or even mock?) Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices with this 19 December 2013 tweet, “How many Pa Supreme Court Justices do you think have ever been to a natural gas well site?”

Why would our Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices ever want to expose themselves to unknown ‘proprietary’ chemicals and the toxic air around drilling and fracking?
In conclusion, is it possible for this judge, to ever be impartial on ANY oil and gas court cases, in front of the Commonwealth Court?
If he hasn’t done so already, he should recuse himself from the Murrysville case!

MORE: Here’s an 18 May 2021 story by Patrick Varine of TRIBLive, regarding that 4 minute gap in the Commonwealth Court livestream, ‘Technical Error’ Omits Discussion Of Judge’s Recusal From Commonwealth Court Livestream,” which includes this: “During oral arguments last week before the state’s Commonwealth Court, attorney John Smith, representing the Murrysville Watch Committee and its appeal challenging Murrysville’s unconventional gas drilling ordinance, requested that Judge J. Andrew Crompton recuse himself. Moments afterward, the livestream feed of the public court proceeding cut to a hold screen, returning about five minutes later with the resumption of Smith’s argument and Crompton sitting as part of the judges’ panel. Commonwealth Court Communications Director Stacey Witalec said the gap in the livestream was the result of a technical error. The Tribune-Review has obtained the full video of the proceeding.”

Hopefully, that missing segment of the livestream will be made available to the public at some point in time, if it hasn’t been already.
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