Pittsburgh’s Best Kept Secret

Packed with beautiful annual flowers, perennials, trees, shrubs and vines, this roadside garden center in the South Hills has it all.

Shrubs ‘n Stuf on Library Road (Route 88 in Bethel Park), just south of the entrance to South Park and the first McDonald’s in the United States, has been a shopping mainstay for me over the years, both as an active commercial landscaper, and as a semi- retired homeowner. It’s a place to purchase everything from sod for lawns (you can even order fresh pallet fulls for larger projects), potted trees and shrubs, flowering vines and succulents, as well as a wide variety of annual flowers and perennials.

They have it all!

It’s the only place I’ve found an extensive selection of one gallon shrubs on an annual basis. Sure, the two, three and five gallon shrubs start out bigger, but you would be surprised how fast the smaller one gallon woody ornamental shrubs catch up over the years. And you don’t have to dig as large a hole! (Sorry, my laziness behind a shovel is showing!) During our recent Sunday visit, I noticed they have a large selection of Boxwoods, in all sizes, that many people have seen and like in my trimming videos, like the ‘Boxwood 3-minute trim with power shears‘ or the ‘HOW TO: Hand shearing Boxwood shrubs.’ Not to mention one of the largest selections of Hydrangeas anywhere I’ve been.

The nursery was fully stocked with bright colors and vigorous plants, as seen in these photos from Sunday: