TENORM Mountains

You’ve probably heard of the Allegheny Mountains. Also known as the Appalachian Mountain Range, it extends 400 miles through Pennsylvania, and several other states.

As famous as those mountains are, Pennsylvania is now becoming known more for the 30 new “mountains” that it’s creating, from municipal trash and radioactive fracking waste. “TENORM Mountains.”

A new podcast, from reporter Joshus Boaz Pribanic of PUBLIC HERALD, tells the troubling tale of how Pennsylvania is creating a new toxic legacy, from all the radioactive waste being hauled into municipal landfills, around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
You’ll find Joshua’s podcast linked here, under the title:

America Is Building Mountains of Radioactive Fracking Waste & the One in Joe Biden’s Hometown Is Under Criminal Investigation

Joshua begins his podcast with this…

In the heart of President Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the Friends of Lackawanna are fighting the massive expansion of Keystone Sanitary Landfill, a waste dump that accepts radioactive material created by fracking for oil and natural gas. “This is the future of our community at stake,” said Michele Dempsey from Friends of Lackawanna. “Our community lives or dies on this [expansion] decision, and so we gave it our hearts and souls.” Dempsey’s community is just one of many across America where, since fracking began, state and federal regulators have sent radioactive material to residual waste sites. As this waste piles up in public and private landfills, the size and risk of these “TENORM Mountains” looms large.

Listening to his entire 33- minute podcast, you learn of thirty landfills in Pennsylvania that are accepting drill cuttings and other radioactive fracking waste, and how the leachate from those huge ‘toxic teabags,’ my term not his, is reaching our drinking water sources. Maybe even your drinking water?
Joshua even gives a ‘shoutout’ to our county’s TENORM Mountain, the Arden Landfill, with a photo taken of that stinky mountain from the fairgrounds, along this description…

“Washington County, Pennsylvania: Arden Landfill looming above Washington County Fairgrounds in January 2020 after more than a decade of accepting fracking’s TENORM waste. Arden Landfill, or Mt. Arden, accepted 1,297,000 tons of solid waste generated from Pennsylvania oil and gas wells between 2011 and 2018. Credit: Joshua Boaz Pribanic for Public Herald”

1.297 tons.

That’s just in the Arden Landfill, and there are 29 other landfills in our state accepting this waste?

That equals over two and one half BILLION pounds. So far!

And they plan to drill 5 to 10 times more unconventional wells, over the next 50 years?
As Alfred E. Neuman, of MAD MAGAZINE, once so famously said…

“What, me worry?”


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