Motocross Is Back!

A revved- up announcer at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris Pennsylvania declared, “Motocross is Back” to a full house of Pro Motocross spectators and fans, who lined the fences and filled the hillsides in southern Greene County Pennsylvania. Saturday 19 June 2021 was indeed, the largest crowd I’ve ever seen at High Point!

For those of us who follow Supercross and Motocross, it was our local World Championship or Super Bowl, and unlike the dismal, rainy weather expectations, it only rained lightly for a brief period of time. Track conditions were excellent, not too wet or dry, and the cloud cover spared riders and spectators from the typical summer heat.

My trips to High Point are always somewhat of a homage to Dave Coombs, Sr. who is affectionately known as “Big Dave.” We became acquainted back in the early 70’s when he was working hard to make a world class motocross track in our area like High Point a reality. If only he could have been there yesterday, to witness his vision and work in full blossom!

I’ll share three videos I posted on YouTube of the event, the first includes some brief clips of the motocross action and podium interviews of some of the racers who finished in the top 3 positions. I also produced two slideshows, less than a minute long each, of the 250 Podium champagne spray and the 450 Podium at the end of the day. A couple of the riders were having trouble getting their champagne bottles uncorked, while both events made for some great high resolution photos!

For those who have never attended a Pro motocross, your next chance will be at Redbud in Buchanan Michigan on Saturday 3 July 2021, while the High Point event is traditionally held on Father’s Day weekend. Here’s a link to the full schedule of upcoming events. Motocross races are usually family- friendly events full of great people!

Shiny side up!
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