Maple Tar Spot

Seeing spots? On your Maple trees??

My friend Sandy Feather at Penn State Extension – Allegheny County helped me confirm that our three ‘Jefferred’ Autumn BlazeĀ® maples have Maple Tar Spot disease, as well as some small spots that are likely caused by Leafhopper feeding. Regardless of their insect and disease issues, these three trees are growing like ‘gangbusters’ to fill-in a gap on our property line.

I posted this video to help you learn more about Maple Tar Spot disease:

With these Maple trees being affected by two maladies, it’s yet another reminder that Ginkgo is the only tree on Earth without any insect or disease problems. Probably why it’s the oldest tree on Earth, dating back 170 million years, with some specimens over 2,500 years old!


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