Skunk Assist

In my battle against a yellowjacket nest that was dangerously close to our front sidewalk, a skunk (or raccoon) intervened to help clean-out the nest.

I waited until well after dark the first night to spray the area under this ‘Little Gem’ Spruce with Wasp & Hornet Spray. The aerosol had a long range spray stream, enabling me to keep well back from the nest, and spray a foam coating over the entrance area of the yellowjacket nest. I was trying to avoid spraying the evergreen foliage, since I’ve seen these sorts of insecticidal sprays damage plant foliage in the past.

As daylight returned the next morning, it was clear to see that the spray had little effect on the nest, as it once again became a ‘busy bee airport’ with incessant in-and-out air traffic. Plan B: Spray the again, more thoroughly, after dark, this time using a long garden stake to raise the lower branches that shielded the nest from above.

Much to my surprise, a skunk or raccoon excavated the nest during the night, so all that appeared the following morning was this large hole under the evergreen shrub, now showing some exposed roots. There were about a half dozen yellowjackets lingering in the area, but none of the usual air traffic activity.

Pretty amazing that a skunk or raccoon can tear apart a nest like that without suffering serious stings!

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