Lungs Of The Globe

“While most of the climate crisis attention is focused on land,
many of the best fixes are offshore.”

A new post by Ian Urbina, “Saving the Planet While Ignoring Two Thirds of It” puts an interesting twist on what our planet Earth faces as it relates to our oceans…

“…companies on land have been allowed to dump carbon into the air for free, and roughly a quarter of that carbon is absorbed by the oceans. The hidden cost to that dumping is what we now call the climate crisis. As the lungs of the globe, the oceans produce and filter half of the oxygen we breathe. But our “smoking habit” has caught up with us and those lungs are failing.”

Ian encapsulates it this way…

“If global temperatures rise by 1.5 °C, only about 10 to 30 percent of coral reefs will survive, diminishing the habitat of roughly one-quarter of all ocean species, not to mention the impact on coastal storm protection, food and job security, and our marine prospects for biomedical research.”


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