Clean Energy Week

Looking at our regional electric grid, we have a lot of work to do if we are going to wean ourselves off fossil fuels by 2030, or even 2035!

The PJM Interconnection grid, that delivers electricity to WV, PA, OH, NJ and parts of 5 more states, was showing these fuel mix statistics at 8:00pm EPT (Eastern Prevailing Time) yesterday:

  • Nat Gas 44.6% and Coal 22.1% = Two-thirds fossil fuels!
  • Nuclear 27.7% (Nearly one-third even though nuclear energy has been getting phased out)
  • Renewables – Top 2 are Hydro 2.2% and Wind 1.4% – Counting all renewables 4.1%
    (Solar is barely a sliver on the PJM pie chart)

Meantime, the US commodity price of natural gas recently topped $5 which means it has nearly tripled since this time last year. As a finite resource, you can only imagine what those sorts of drastic price increases will mean to consumers, as US exports continue to increase.

Since this is Clean Energy Week there’s no better time for a serious discussion, and ensuing legislation, to accomplish those goals.


MORE: Five Dollar Electric Bill

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