PetroChem Pancakes with a dash of Nurdles

Apparently it wasn’t a 3-day pancake breakfast that had staff at a Beaver, Pa. childcare facility smelling pancake syrup last week.

According to the September 28, 2021 story “DEP cites Shell for ‘malodors’ outside cracker plant construction site‘Strong’ smell ‘like pancake syrup’ reported for several days” by Reid Frazier in StateImpact Pennsylvania:

“The DEP received several complaints of odors from the Shell plant in Potter Township between Sept. 22 and 24. Agency inspectors documented bad odors as well as dust wafting off the construction site, both violations of the company’s air permit…
A materials safety data sheet the company provided to the DEP showed that a chemical compound, 3D TRASAR 3DT198, used for treating boilers, steam lines, and cooling systems, was in use at the time the odors were occurring.”
Looking at the MSDS sheet for that product, we see the signal word is DANGER

We take our kids outside sometimes for a walk, and that’s not safe to have kids in. So we decided to keep them in once we found out what it was, because that’s just not safe.

Childcare worker who noticed the pancake syrup odor in nearby beaver, pa
On Google Maps, the nearest childcare facility in Beaver is 1.6 miles away, and there are six others within 3.4 miles of the cracker plant, including two in Monaca, all east-northeast of Shell’s Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex.
The prevailing wind direction matches the air modeling done by Shell Chemical Appalachia, LLC in their February 2015 environmental report:
It’s the new petrochemical plant’s twist on “wake up and smell the coffee!”

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