New Tesla Powerwall App

The latest update to my iPhone apps included an all new Tesla Powerwall app.

Our Powerwall2 is a 14kWh lithium-ion battery mounted in the garage, entirely charged by solar energy from 21 solar panels on the roof. It serves as a backup for most home electricity needs if the grid goes down, minus heavy draws like AC and the clothes dryer.

With solar panels alone, a grid outage would also cutoff all power to our house, but the Powerwall2 automatically keeps the lights on if; a) it has some level of charge, and/or b) the solar panels are producing energy. It’s been working seamlessly for 3 years now.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots from the new Tesla Powerwall app:

MAIN SCREEN shows the movement, as well as the amount of energy being used and produced by various locations.

HOME USAGE screen shows the amount of energy used and its origin, with a button below to download the data.

SOLAR GENERATION screen shows the 3 destinations of our solar energy; Home, Powerwall, Grid.

POWERWALL screen shows the charge/discharge levels of the battery with the time of day.

NET GRID USE screen shows the energy totals to and from the grid. Note: You can select the day, week, month, year or lifetime tab for any of these readings.

SELF-POWERED “Impact” screen shows the percentage of power used from Solar, the Powerwall and the Grid.

SOLAR OFFSET “Impact” screen shows the Solar Offset comparing solar production to home usage, along with the Backup History for any grid outages.

BACKUP RESERVE shows the adjustable percentage of the Powerwall reserved strictly for a grid outage. You can also set it entirely (100%) for grid outages only.

SELF-POWERED screen explains how this option works when it’s selected.

TIME-BASED CONTROL screen allows those with variable daily grid rates to optimize their Powerwall use.

Some say Tesla is a software company above all else, and it’s easy to see why when using this new Powerwall app!

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