First Drive on the Southern Beltway

Pittsburgh’s long awaited Southern Beltway toll road opened yesterday, easing the trip to and from the Pittsburgh International Airport for many travelers.

For those living south of Pittsburgh, this route will eliminate battling the traffic snarls that have become far more common in the vicinity of the I-79 / 376 interchange near Carnegie, as well as congested travel on 376, commonly known as the Parkway West.

All of the on-off ramps aren’t completed yet on the I-79 end of the 576 Southern Beltway, but travel to and from the Southpointe exit is now possible, with a toll of $3.90 each direction if you have an EZ Pass. Double that amount when using Toll-by-Plate.

Have a front seat cruise on the new Southern Beltway:

Driving west on the Southern Beltway 576 from I-79 Southpointe to Pittsburgh International Airport
>>> YouTube video (19:07)

Southern Beltway drive east on Pa576 from Pittsburgh Airport to I-79 Southpointe
>>> New YouTube video (16:10)

To answer your question, yes we will be using this new route to the airport, and points northwest.

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