Vietnam War Draft Lotteries

In the few years that has been online, my most popular pages have not been about flowers or trees, they have been about the draft lotteries that were held in the United States to select young men for the military draft during the final years of the Vietnam War.

In fact, the 1969 draft lottery page typically gets 15 to 20-percent of the daily views on this website! Men affected by that 1969 ping-pong-ball lottery would now be in their 70’s and of course study of the war continues by those who could be much younger.

Congressman Alexander Pirnie of New York drawing the first ball in the 1969 draft lottery.
Photo: Selective Service System

The webpage for the Vietnam-era draft lotteries for 1970 – 1971 – 1972 is slightly less popular than the one on the 1969 lottery, but still ranks 5th in popularity. Since the war was winding down throughout those years, they would logically be of less interest, yet still vital to those affected. The draft officially ended on July 1, 1973.

On April 29, 1975, the last American soldier was killed in Vietnam (the first was July 8, 1959) and the official American presence in Saigon ended, as the last Americans were evacuated by helicopter from the U.S. Embassy roof (Vietnam War timeline).

Perhaps another reason these webpages about the Vietnam War draft draw so much interest is the continuing requirement for 18 year old males to register for the draft in the United States. In light of that, you’ll find my earlier blog Is Generation Z Military Draft Bait?


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