Ditching Natural Gas

Those who have become all too familiar with the myriad of adverse effects from hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, or ‘unnatural gas’ as they sometimes call it, have become eager to move entirely away from using it.

In addition to the many good reasons to hate fracking, is the skyrocketing price of natural gas that’s recently pushed five UK utilities into bankruptcy, affecting over a quarter million customers.

On the other hand, Australia has charted a much more successful and clearer course toward a renewable energy grid, providing nearly two-thirds of the country’s electricity needs over the past 12 months, and an awesome 80% over the past month.

Taking a fresh look at the U.S. electric generation mix we see:
  • 33% natural gas
  • 21% nuclear
  • 17% wind
  • 18% coal
At the same time, the generation mix for the Mid-Atlantic is:
  • 38% natural gas
  • 35% nuclear
  • 16% coal
  • 7% wind

Even at the rapid pace new solar and wind energy is being adopted, it’s clear to see that we’re mostly stuck with the wild fluctuations of natural gas commodity prices over coming decades, especially as more coal generation is phased out, and nuclear energy faces an ongoing decline.

Bottom line: There is no ditching natural gas, at least not in a major way. Even if we switch to electricity for home heating, gas will still make up a big part of the generation mix.

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