Ditching Gasoline for Rechargeables

I got tired of messing around with gasoline, petrol as they call it outside the U.S., so it was time to convert our lawn and garden landscaping equipment to rechargeable units. It began with the snowthrower and has proceeded nicely from there!

What I mean by “messing around with gasoline”
Storing gasoline-powered snowthrowers over summer was always the greatest challenge, since they often sat idle for eight months. Starting them up for that first snowfall could be a challenge, or a trip to the repair shop, if the fuel system and carburetor were gummed-up. To counter that from happening, we would typically add fuel stabilizer to the gas tanks, start the machines up to work it through the fuel system, then siphon-out the tank and run the engine until it stalled from no gasoline. Same issue with small engine garden equipment, over the winter months, but storage covered a shorter period of time. Bottom line: Today’s gasoline doesn’t store well for very long.

Storing and transporting ethanol gasoline for small equipment is a pain!
Since ethanol is corrosive and can damage plastic and rubber components in fuel systems, it became necessary to buy more expensive, higher octane gasoline, and then use an ethanol fuel treatment. More expensive Type 1 metal Safety Cans (with a single opening for both filling and pouring, spring-loaded self-closing lid, pressure-relief cap, and a flame arrester) became my choice for gasoline transport and storage. Note: Always store gasoline away from your house, and move gas containers from your car or bed of a truck onto the ground before filling them. This bulletin contains more gasoline safety tips.

As this safety bulletin points out, “1 gallon of gasoline = 20 sticks of dynamite!”

I’d finally had enough of the entire rigmarole, so our move into TORO’s Flex Force began. All these electric yard tools operate on interchangeable, rechargeable batteries, reducing costs and adding to the simplicity of it all.
Our move away from gasoline began with this rechargeable snowthrower:
Next was our Power Snow Shovel, which is awesome for clearing off our deck:
This fall it was the rechargeable leafblower, great for cleaning gutters:
The latest addition from Santa was a rechargeable lawnmower:
What’s next?
Probably the hedge trimmers and weedwhacker!

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