That Crazy Jetstream!

Our local weather forecast calls for a rainy December 11th Saturday with a high of 63°F (17°C). That warm streak could continue through mid-December, according to this story on Axios:

“The Lower 48 states have seen record-shattering warmth so far this December, with temperatures running as high as 35°F above average for this time of year.”

Stuck jet stream bring blowtorch December to Lower 48, frigid Alaska
In sharp contrast, parts of Alaska were 20°F colder in November, with that cold expected to extend through most of December.

“Rutgers University sea ice researcher Jennifer Francis was one of the first to suggest a link between the steady decline of Arctic sea ice caused by warming and the extreme twists and turns that the jet stream — the fast-moving river of air miles up in the atmosphere — can take northward and southward.”


“Jet streams are the weather—they create it and they steer it. Sometimes the jet stream takes on a very convoluted pattern. When we see it taking big swings north and big dips southward we know we’re going to see some unusual weather conditions.”


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