Sunny Outlook for Solar

At the end of an article about the increased use of coal yesterday, I noticed a comment from a familiar and anonymous name… a troll who has continually spewed lies and misinformation in multiple newspapers over the years, making feeble attempts to support fossil fuels by dissing renewables.
As the saying goes, “That dog won’t hunt!”
Let’s look at some facts instead.

Even though we’re still two weeks from the end of the year, I decided to add up the 2021 numbers for our home solar production vs. electricity costs so far. As you’ll see below, our rooftop solar system offset over 95% of our electricity for home usage AND electric vehicle charging!

It’s worth noting that we added a heat pump to our HVAC system this summer, so there was some additional home electricity usage for heating, while also saving us a bit on home cooling in late summer. Also, we have net metering through our utility, where excess kWh production is credited into future months. And finally, we passed up a discount and paid a registration fee (around $300 combined) when installing our solar panels, to retain the ability to sell our SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits), a choice that has more than paid for itself in less than three years.

Even without considering all these positives, ignore all the malarkey from naysayers who will try to con you into believing renewable energy doesn’t work. They’ll be getting lumps of coal in their stockings on Christmas!

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  1. Bob, with all the challenges facing renewables, if I were young and looking for an acceptable way of heating and cooling my home, I would strongly consider geothermal. Otherwise, let the vehicle manufacturers produce what’s needed on the renewable end.

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