Vaxed to the Max

Last night’s evening news reported that 73% of new Covid cases are the super-fast moving Omicron variant. It was only 3% one week ago!
Someone sent me this image recently, which basically speaks for itself:

More: Omicron Variant: What You Need to Know – CDC

MAYO CLINIC: Reinfection rates of omicron and why people need to take this seriously
“When you take a virus that’s much more transmissible and has an equal chance of causing hospitalization and severe symptoms, you’re¬†talking about a virus that has the capacity to cause a surge in hospitalization and deaths, and that underscores the recommendation that you continue to wear masks,¬†continue to distance, continue to sanitize your hands and get that booster dose of vaccine.” Dr. Gregory Poland, M.D./Mayo Vaccine Research Group/Mayo Clinic YouTube video

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