Huge Markups on F-150 Lightning

While it’s not exactly clear what local Ford dealers are going to do with final pricing of the new F-150 Lightnings they sell, it’s now clear that some east coast Ford dealers are planning to tack $10,000 (or more) onto the MSRP ‘sticker price.’ That would raise the cost of the base F-150 from around $40K to nearly $50K, an increase of 25-percent!
In a Detroit Free Press story yesterday, we learned more about this sort of ‘price gouging’ by some dealers, and it sounds as though Ford isn’t too happy about it:

“It has come to our attention that a limited number of dealerships are interacting with customers in a manner that is negatively impacting customer satisfaction and damaging to the Ford Motor Company brand and Dealer Body reputation,” Andrew Frick, Ford vice president of U.S. and Canada sales, wrote in a Memo Jan. 7.

‘Ford F-150 Lightning buyer now ‘on the fence’ after $10,000 dealer markup’
by Phoebe Wall Howard / Detroit Free Press / January 11, 2022
While it was the likely prospect of a sales contract forbidding the sale of the truck within in the first year after purchase that was a ‘deal breaker‘ for me, paying a dollar over MSRP would have also nixed the deal.

UPDATE January 17, 2022: Ford F-150 Lightning dealer backs down from $10,000 markup
As Ford Motor Co. urges its auto dealers not to jack up prices on the popular F-150 Lightning pickup truck, at least one dealer appears to have  reversed a plan to charge an extra $10,000 over sticker price.

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