All Charged Up

Winter cold will reduce an EV’s maximum charge level, on a lithium-ion battery, by as much as 15-percent.

Screen shots above: BOLT FULL CHARGE LEVELS
(left) Warmer December 22, 2021 232 miles vs. (right) Colder January 12, 2022 199 miles

Lessons Learned driving an electric vehicle (EV)
  • Cold weather in western Pennsylvania can result in a full charge being 15% less than during warmer months, as seen in the MyChevy screen shots above.
  • As seen in the energy efficiency monthly reports below, while the “miles per gallon equivalent” in July was 140 MPGe using the Air Conditioning, it dropped to 77 MPGe this month. That difference is mostly due to use of the Bolt’s air heater, heated seats and heated steering wheel. Go figure… the Bolt’s air heater is similar to a handheld hair dryer, using inefficient electric resistance heat. Gas guzzlers, or FFV’s as my buddy Lou H. calls them, waste a whole bunch of energy, but the heat is readily there for winter comfort, once the engine comes up to temperature.

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