Goodbye Gas Stations!

One of the beauties of driving an electric vehicle (EV) is driving past gas stations without stopping, and filling up with electricity at home! Since I just got my Energy Efficiency report from MyChevy on our 2019 Bolt, I thought it would be a good time to do a comparison on driving costs. Here’s that report along with my notes in red and green:
Gasoline cost vs Electricity cost
Bottom line, for the 675 miles driven from mid-February through mid-March, if all the electricity had been purchased from the grid, we would have saved a little over 14-cents per mile, or a total of $95.86 for that one month period. However, since some of the electricity came from our solar panels, our savings were even greater, easily over $100 for that one month period.
Since the efficiency of the Bolt will go up considerably as we move into Spring and Summer weather, and quit using the cabin and seat heaters, those savings will be more like $125 to $150 for that same one month period, assuming regular gasoline stays at $4.19 per gallon. Also with our EV, we don’t have to worry about any oil changes, or the expense of an annual emissions test.
The “Energy Efficiency” table above compares our Bolt to a vehicle that gets 23 miles per gallon, so you can further adjust my savings calculations up or down, depending on the gasoline-powered vehicle you drive. Compared to the pickup truck I used to drive, these savings would be doubled.
Chances are you won’t experience these same savings if you use a commercial charger, or your local utility has higher rates per kilowatt hour. The 10-cent per kWh figure I used applies to our local West Penn Power utility, and includes all the add-ins over and above the “compare to” price.


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