Snow Days

With the potential for heavy snow from winter storm ‘IZZY’ in some parts of Pennsylvania tonight, I’m reminded of the winter of 1992-1993, when we provided snow removal service for 23 residential clients. What a winter!

Photo: Snow-covered Weeping Beech

It’s not the depth of snow that ever worried me as much as the moisture content, remembering all too well that 24-inches (my measurement in the South Hills of Pittsburgh) from March 13-15, 1993 of heavy wet snow, that created huge problems when clearing snow for our clients. Definitely the worst storm in all my decades of providing snow removal service! 
When there would be some months during winter with no snow removal work for us (like November 1992 & January 1993) and then something like that March storm, I would think of that old adage about air traffic controllers, “Hours of boredom followed by moments of panic.”  That particular winter snow removal season of 92-93 also kicked-off with 14 wet inches falling on December 10-11, 1992.

That’s what memories are made of, LOL! 

We used two 8HP two-stage snowthrowers and shovels, and the snowthrowers always had issues moving heavy, deep, ‘snowman’ snow. I made this video encapsulating my winter wisdom from using those snow machines here: 
Worse yet, was how that March 1993 storm killed our Spring landscaping season, since we were often able to begin doing some mulching and landscaping work in early March, to get some much needed cash flow going, IF the weather was conducive to that. We basically lost that whole ‘bonus month’ of Spring 93 landscaping. Ouch! 
These days I only have our driveway to worry about, plus I try to help a neighbor or two. Strategy: I’ll try to clear our snow a couple times (once before the Steelers playoff game, and then again Monday morning, once it stops) to minimize the effort each time. I don’t use any salt or de-icer in favor of our landscape. 
I got rid of my PITA gasoline-powered snowthrower in exchange for two TORO rechargeable machines, seen in these videos: 
And this nifty machine:
Bottom line: Snow looks much better out the window when you don’t have to go anywhere.
And there’s still nothing worse than an ice storm!

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