Marcellus Shale Land Grab

There’s been some squawking lately about the prospect of some proposed, large scale solar farms, eating up too much farm land in Pennsylvania. One article made reference to one-percent of the farm land in Lawrence County, Pa as being a large amount for a solar farm.
Drill rig on Marcellus shale
To that, I would reply, what about all the farms, fields and forests gobbled up by Marcellus Shale drilling and fracking, with a road and pipeline running to every well site? Pipeline right-of-way cuts, 50-feet or more wide, that can never grow trees again. Huge excavations resembling those for a big box store.

Pennsylvania counties with shale gas production have definitely lost more than one-percent of their total land mass!

Here’s a short video of what shale gas development looked like in March 2022, flying over and near Washington County, Pa:

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