Netflix Docu-series Revisits Three Mile Island

We watched Part One last night, and thought it was well done. As they point out, this event happened just 12-days after THE CHINA SYNDROME was released in movie theaters. What timing!

Checking the PJM Interconnect webpage this morning we see NUCLEAR energy is providing most of our multi-state region with the largest part of the ‘energy pie’ followed by increasingly expen$ive ga$.

Gas is running a close second in PJM’s generation fuel mix:

Wow! Look at the commodity price of “natural” gas! Still climbing at $8.81 on May 4th. Definitely not a good time to have an ever increasing dependence on gas for 35-percent of current energy generation needs!

That leaves coal, these days being considered the ‘ugliest stepchild’ environmentally, running in third place with 19-percent of energy generation mix at PJM:

Renewable energy is still just a ‘blip on the radar’ coming in at only 7-percent of the PJM energy generation mix. Meantime, supply chain, tariffs and other issues are slowing down renewable energy projects, like the solar energy project at one Indiana utility, “U.S. Solar Delays Prompt Indiana Utility to Push Back Coal Retirements.”

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