Rainy Day Still Produces Solar Energy

How wet was it Friday in western Pennsylvania?

Just ask Dr. Oz… it was too wet for ducks!!!

Yet even on a rain-soaked Pennsylvania day like that, our solar panels were still producing solar energy.

Maybe not the 50 kWh they would on a bumper-to-bumper sunny day, but still far more than most people would ever expect.

4.1 kWh total between the front and back rooftop solar panels:

Home usage was 16.9 kWh, so 24% of our electricity -on a rainy day- came from our solar panels!

Whoever wins the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania needs to accelerate our move to renewable energy, at both the state and federal level.

The sun and wind don’t suffer from wildly fluctuating commodity prices or fossil fuel strangleholds.

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