Diaries from World War One

Leading up to Memorial Day, I wanted to share several personal memoirs of men who served with the 15th Field Artillery Regiment in France during WWI in 1918.

The coat of arms of the 15th FA Regiment above the shield contains a French 75mm Howitzer with the Indianhead of the 2nd ID patch incised in the wheel. The upper left hand corner of the shield represents a smaller shield of the 4th FA Regiment who provided the initial cadre that organized the 15th FA Regiment. The red colors on the overall shield represent the blood that was spilled by the members of the Fighting Fifteenth who helped win WW-I. And the five silver stripes running east and west on the shield represent the five rivers the Regiment fired in support of, assisted in holding, or crossed in combat.

The following documents were transcribed by 15th Historian Dan Gillotti from the World War One history of the 2nd Infantry Division. These are personal memoirs from some of the members of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment. It will give the reader a taste of what it was like for the men of the 15th while they were fighting in France in 1918. 

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