Pennsylvania Must Act

Today’s PA Environment Digest Blog contained important testimony from the Pennsylvania Senate Hearing held last Thursday and seen in its entirety in this video.

Brian S. Schwartz, MD, MS laid it out with crystal clarity in his June 2, 2022 testimony:

“We’ve studied asthma exacerbations. We find out when people with asthma went to the emergency room and went to get hospitalized and figured out what was going on in terms of fracking at that time. We’ve looked at hospitalizations for congestive heart failure, adverse birth outcomes, including preterm birth, high-risk pregnancy, and birth weight. We’ve looked at mental health in pregnant women and mental health diagnosis and treatment in adolescents, all with electronic health records. So we know the date. We know when medications were prescribed. We know when testing was done. We know when diagnoses were obtained and provided by healthcare providers. And while Maryland and New York have prohibited this industry, the state with the most health studies has not. And that is Pennsylvania. All of our findings are very robust. There’s certainly enough evidence to act.”

Brian S. Schwartz, MD, MS, Geisinger Environmental Health Institute

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