Ditching Gasoline Use in the Garden

Paying $20 a gallon for ‘special fuel’ was the last straw!

While working as a landscape contractor, we used a wide variety of garden equipment powered by small engines. Some small engines used straight gasoline (4-cycle engines) while others used a combination of gasoline and special 50:1 oil (2-cycle). While 2-cycle engines are being phased out, my local lawn equipment dealer recommended special $20/gallon fuel for the remaining 2-cycle hedge trimmers, and a special additive for gasoline used in the 4-cycle equipment.

Using gasoline was never easy or cheap, being subject to fluctuating prices over the decades, having to buy expensive safety cans, and paying close attention to transportation and winter storage with fuel stabilizer. Storage also involved a special locked shed away from buildings, with additional safety concerns while filling cans and hauling it in our trucks and trailers. While most commercial landscape contractors will still have to use gasoline for many of their landscaping tools, home gardeners will not. In the video below, take a look at my new set of hedge shears:

Then watch this second video of the new rechargeable power shears in action:

These hedge shears were the 4th addition to my rechargeable garden tool ‘fleet.’ Next will be a weedwhacker and chainsaw, further eliminating the need for that special $20 per gallon 2-cycle fuel. Instead of traveling for fuel, I can now rely on the energy produced by our solar panels to power our growing fleet of gardening tools that use interchangeable batteries!

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