Climate Change is Dead Serious

Dubbed the “Heat Apocalypse” by a French meteorologist, heat records have now been broken in much of Western Europe, while England recorded its hottest day ever on Tuesday.
Source: Climate Reality Project

“Spain and Portugal have seen over 1,000 deaths in the last week attributed to the weather. In Germany, fears are growing over falling water levels in the Rhine River, a vital shipping route in Europe’s economic heart. Firefighters in France and Greece have also been out in force to try to combat huge wildfires in rural areas.”

by Matt Clinch / ‘Heat apocalypse’: Photos show Europe’s devastating fires as temperatures surge / CNBC / July 19, 2022
Source: Climate Reality Project
From a recently published study on climate change:

“Every year, climate change manifests through more intense extreme weather events, including heatwaves, droughts and heavy rainfall. This leads to impacts upon people, property and nature that would not have occurred in the absence of these increases in events’ likelihood and intensity.”

Extreme weather impacts of climate change: an attribution perspective (PDF) / June 28, 2022
Source: Climate Reality Project
Possible presidential actions by the United States:

“President Biden is considering declaring a national climate emergency as soon as this week as he seeks to salvage his environmental agenda in the wake of stalled talks on Capitol Hill. It would allow the president to halt crude oil exports, limit oil and gas drilling in federal waters, and direct agencies including the Federal Emergency Management Agency to boost renewable-energy sources.”

by Tony Romm and Jeff Stein / Biden could declare climate emergency as soon as this week, sources say / July 18, 2022
Climate change also affects the spread of disease:

“Some of these risks come from diseases that many of us are already familiar with: Lyme disease, for example, which is carried by ticks, or West Nile virus, proliferated by mosquitoes — both vector-borne diseases spread by blood-sucking arachnids and insects. But the environment harbors dozens of other carriers of illnesses you’ve probably never heard of. They come from bugs, shellfish, and even soil. With global temperatures rising, well-known vector-borne illnesses are becoming more common, and other, lesser-known diseases are spreading into new areas.”

by Zoya Teirstein / The disease after tomorrow – Five illnesses spreading in a hotter world / Grist / June 27, 2022
Source: Climate Reality Project

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