Switch to Rechargeable Garden Tools Continues

Following the purchase of my first two Toro ‘Flex Force’ lawn and garden tools with interchangeable and rechargeable batteries (snowthrower and power snow shovel), the next four garden tools have been purchased without batteries as ‘tool only’ — which brought along a nice cost savings.
Flex Force Batteries
The sixth tool in my new Toro Flex Force ‘garden fleet’ –a rechargeable weedwhacker– arrived this week, and I took it outside for a run in this first video:
Prior to that tool were the 24-inch hedge shears, as seen in these two videos:
Next you can see the hedge shears in operation in this video:
This new group of garden tools is for ‘residential use only’ and not the heavier-duty tools I grew accustomed to with commercial landscaping, but the big advantage in every case, is their cleaner operation and lighter weight. As time passes, I’ll post some follow-up videos on their ongoing performance.
You can watch more Bobscaping videos here.

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