Early Exodus from Cracker Plant Area

While some ‘shale refugees’ — the term I use to describe families who have moved away from the nascent yet burgeoning shale gas industry in western Pennsylvania — move out-of-county, some move out-of-state.

Reid Frazier’s StateImpact story “Pa. sees Shell’s ethane cracker as an economic boon. But for some in Beaver County, it’s a reason to leave” tells of one family leaving for North Carolina while another moves to Ohio, and the cracker plant has yet to begin full operations.

“It was scary, you know, to have it right across the river from our house and our family. If something would have happened accidentally, and our kids…it just scared us.”

Cheryl Hardy
Ground flare ‘corral’ and gas liquid ‘cue ball’ storage vessels.

“We looked at projection maps projecting particularly risky areas with air quality – the elementary school is rated right in the high-risk area. Our children are going to be spending 8 hours a day in a high-risk area.”

Jackie Shock-Stewart
Excerpt from Shell permitting documents.

“This Shell plant is simply a repeat of what we saw in the ’70s in the industry, in the steel mills. I grew up with a family that worked in the steel mills, so I didn’t want to see my kids go down this direction.”

David Walker

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  1. better make sure if you move it is bot to another dangerous contamination area. people are upset, running and afraid…this is very bad. settlers ran to get west away from cholera and the trail is dotted with graves as the contamination spread. latest false alarm of monkey pox here is not pow but something like poison ivy. we are working around the drilling 1. refuse to sell our mineral rights 2. post our farm as frack free 3. every day is a day on the front line.

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