PA PUC: Four Major Electric Utilities Have Double-Digit Electric Price Increases Coming Sept. 1st

Price Increases Caused By Spike In Natural Gas, Energy Costs, and Hot Weather

By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest | August 10, 2022

Drill rig next to a coal ash pit
From coal to shale gas with spiking commodity prices

On August 10, the Public Utility Commission warned customers of five major electric utilities will increase their electricity prices, 4 of the 5 will increase from 11.4 percent to 19 percent.

The cost increases are a direct result of the spike in natural gas and energy generation costs impacted by international energy markets and energy demand caused by hot weather.

These utilities will see an increase in electricity costs–

— Met-Ed, up from 7.936 cents to 9.397 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) (18.4%);

— PECO, up from 7.637 cents to 8.508 cents per kWh (11.4%);

— Penelec, up from 8.443 cents to 10.021 cents per kWh (18.7%);

— Penn Power, up from 8.694 cents to 10.348 cents per kWh (19%); and

— West Penn Power, up from 8.198 cents to 8.306 cents per kWh (1.3%).

Both PPL and Duquesne Light will not see any changes until the next energy price “reset” on December 1.

Customers using competitive suppliers for their electric generation will continue to pay the energy price detailed in their supplier contract and will not be impacted by the PTC change unless they return to the default service provided by their local utility. 

The PUC does not regulate prices for the generation portion of electric bills, which are driven by market forces and are reset up or down several times per year, based on the cost of obtaining the energy that non-shopping customers use.  

Generation prices are separate from the PUC-regulated rates that utilities charge for their distribution services – which cover the cost of operating and maintaining the infrastructure that delivers electricity to homes and businesses.

The PTC accounts for an average of 40% to 60% of the customer’s total utility bill. However, this percent varies by utility and by the level of individual customer usage.  

More information on pricing for electric generation supply, including product offerings from competitive electric generation suppliers, can be found on

Click Here for more information from the PUC on shopping for competitive energy suppliers, managing your energy costs and getting assistance with energy bills.


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