Pennsylvania man whose life was destroyed by fracking urges Irish Government to block Shannon LNG

‘We never had cancer or anything like that before, and in one year, we had over 13 people diagnosed with cancer… all within a mile of my house’

Those were the headlines written by reporter Shauna Corr in an August 8, 2022 story and video that appeared in the IRISH MIRROR, about northeastern Pennsylvania’s Ray Kemble. In Ireland they refer to an activist (or in this case a fractivist) as a “campaigner.” Whichever term you choose to apply, Ray has been at the forefront of the shale gas awareness battle for many years.

“A Pennsylvanian anti-fracking campaigner has travelled to Ireland to plead with our government to block Shannon LNG. America’s New Fortress Energy is behind proposals for the onshore liquefied natural gas facility with a deepwater jetty, storage tanks and gas-fired power station at Ballylongford, Co Kerry. And if Ireland accepts LNG from the US, Raymond, who has Cork ancestry, says it will heap even more misery on those living in fracking areas.”

Shauna Corr | Pennsylvania man whose life was destroyed by fracking urges Irish Government to block Shannon LNG | August 8, 2022

“The Irish government banned fracking and this is the natural progression of that ban because the gas that will come to Ireland through liquefied natural gas would be from fracking. My view of the project [Shannon LNG] is that it goes completely against the scientific consensus that we cannot afford any new fossil fuel projects if we have a chance of staying within 1.5 degrees of global warming. It won’t help with the energy crisis – it will take five years for this to be built. What we need to do is invest in renewables and sustainable jobs here.”

Dr Laura Kehoe, environmental scientist at the Nature Conservancy

“We had an issue in Cork that is quite similar [in] that a company tried to bring fracked gas through the port of Cork. A lot of my constituents stood very strongly against that and I think the two struggles are linked.”

Cork City councillor Lorna Bogue
2013 Video:
“FROM THE FRONTLINES is with Dimock PA resident Ray Kemble. Ray worked for the gas industry until a well was sunk 500 feet from his front porch…Ray’s water became contaminated after the hydrofracking began. The gas company denies it contaminated Ray’s water. His water was fine before the drilling began..Well, get a drink and sit back, Ray Kemble doesn’t pull his punches.” Link:

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  1. Thanks, to Ray and others to keep the public informed of the risks of fracking and to encourage investment in truly clean and green energy without sacrificing our environment and lives. I live in the same county as Ray and have witnessed the pollution and negative impacts. We can’t drill thousands of feet into the earth and through water tables near homes, schools and on farms without negative impacts. There has to be a better way.

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