Our Electric Bill Went Up. One cent.

Sure enough, it went from $6.56 last month to $6.57 this month.

Our rooftop solar panels have been doing a great job of providing electricity for our home cooling and other household uses, as well as providing all the ‘juice’ to power our Chevy Bolt EV over 500 miles. And to think the new Inflation Reduction Act gives other homeowners in Pennsylvania and across the United States, the chance to install solar panels and benefit from a 30% federal investment tax credit, for ten years!

Level 2 charger adds 25 miles of range in 1 hour

We still have over 1,000 kWh “in the bank” through net metering for use in future months when solar energy production decreases. On top of all that, since we kept the right to sell our Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), we’ll be able to sell our 27th SREC at the end of this month. SRECs are currently trading for $42 each.

Photo: Eighteen 315W solar panels on the front roof combined with eleven 300W solar panels on the back roof create a 8.97 kW solar energy system. While none of the solar panels face due south (the ideal direction) the low-pitched roof helps panels capture solar energy throughout the day.

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